Hub Koozer XM460 Sealed Bearing 6 Pawls

PHP 3,500.00

Hub Koozer XM460 Sealed Bearing 6 Pawls

8-11 speed Ready

Bolt type

32 holes

4 sealed bearing rear

2 sealed bearing front

TUNOG MAYAMAN!! Very loud sound!
6 pawls
72 points of engagement

Long freewheeling (reduces friction = less pedaling)

Koozer Hub Material:

Uses high-strength aircraft-grade precision CNC AL7075 in whole processJapan‘s top high temperature resistant grease synergyfour sealed after two high-quality units produced before NBK bearingconfigure 6 pawltooth density x72 round tower,with the superior characteristics of ultra-lightweight / high strength / high lubricity / high pedaling efficiency

> 6 Pawls
> 72HD Click / Points of Engagement

About Points of Engagement (PoE)

  • High end freewheels have more pawls and engagement points than lower end freewheels, so there are more ridges in the engagement surface and more pawls hitting the splines on the engagement surface. The reason this is desirable is that more pawls and engagement points means faster engagement when you start pedaling.

  • Higher engagement helps your balance on technical climbs when you need to stop pedaling for a sec or back pedal and then re-engage due to terrain features. You feel more connected to the bike via the pedals and cranks

  •  It also feels a lot better on trails that are like pump tracks where you hammer the pedals in intervals.


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Hub Koozer XM460 Sealed Bearing 6 Pawls

Hub Koozer XM460 Sealed Bearing 6 Pawls

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