Trinx C520 Alloy 27.5 Bike L-TWOO 24 Speed Gears

PHP 6,700.00

Trinx C520 Alloy 27.5 Bike L-TWOO 24 Speed Gears

27.5 na!

Fork with Lock Out!

L-TWOO 24 Speed Gears :) - German Design Concept

Kenda Tire 27.5

ALL in Matte Neon Colors! New 2018 Limited Edition (Go to Last few photos to see the actual Matte neon colors)

Know More About Trinx

(From Trinx Official Website)

TRINX is a Taiwanese brand of bicycle, having factories worldwide; Taiwan, Russia, Iran which are also our major partners

The dream of Mr. Liang (CEO of TRINX) is to provide excellent quality and affordable prices of bikes to the people and so, he approached his best friend Yozo Shimano (CEO of Shimano) to negotiate into making his dream come true. Thus, equipping TRINX bicycles with SHIMANO components.

Having passed ISO9001, it has an international quality certification and registered at Union Européenne de Cyclisme (European Cycling Union). It serves as the official bike of Iranian National Team.

With a 5-year quality assurance, TRINX is also the manufacturer of bike frames of World class brands.

Currently, TRINX has over 1,050 outlets in China, and has retail stores all over the world and just last year, it launched its brand in the Philippine market.

Sergey Reosov,a 4x Russian Champion of Cycling Race in Russia, was chosen to be the lead designer of TRINX Bicycles.

Bike Specifications:

Frame: Cag Alloy AL6061 Frame

Fork: Trinx with LOCK OUT

Shifter: L-TWOO A3 8 Speed Shifter - Colored Edition

Brakes: Mechanical Brakes

Front derailer: L-TWOO A3

Chainwheel: Trinx Triple

Cogs: 8 Speed

Rear Derailler: L-TWOO A3 8 speed RD -Colored Edition

Tires: Kenda 27.5

Rims: Trinx Doublewall


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Trinx C520 Alloy 27.5 Bike L-TWOO 24 Speed Gears

Trinx C520 Alloy 27.5 Bike L-TWOO 24 Speed Gears

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