Grip Ergon GP2 Handle Grip with Bar-end Made in Germany

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The Pioneer in Bike Ergonomic Design Handle Grips. Guaranteed Quality Grips.

The bar end of the GP2 has been re-engineered, and improvements made to the product – better ergonomics, function and a higher quality feel. The GP2 now has a bar end with an installation friendly clamping system (patent pending) – as do all Ergon bar end models. This makes fitting extremely simple. 
Material: Fiberglass Composite with Rubber Inserts
Use: Mountain Bike, Touring, Commuting

Grip Compound - Made in Germany

Ergon's product development team doesn't only focus on Ergonomics material research is also a core theme. The demands and testing ourproducts undergo meet those of the automotive industry, and far exceed theindustry standard. Ergonomics, Product Design and Engineering - everything is done in-house in Germany. It is from this that successful projects have been born, such as our GreenLab initiative, which explores the use of sustainable materials. For 2011 we quietly introduced what is a majormilestone in our development. All grips in the Performance Comfort Serieswere switched to a new rubber compound. As part of this process 39 rubbercompounds were developed and tested. It was worth it, the new material- made in Germany - meets the highest standards, is longer lasting andworldwide is exclusive to Ergon for the bicycle industry.
  • Developed and Manufactured in Germany
  • Extremely high UV resistance - corresponds to automotive standards
  • Contaminant Free - Only medically approved 'white oil' used in production
  • All raw materials meet the standards set for use in food production - EU (2002/72/EG)
  • All raw materials meet the purity standards of European Resolution AP(89)1
  • Free of PAK - no Phthalates used in production
  • SGS TÜV certification (raw material safety certification)
  • Highest quality standard within the bicycle industry


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Grip Ergon GP2 Handle Grip with Bar-end Made in Germany

Grip Ergon GP2 Handle Grip with Bar-end Made in Germany

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