Rotor Bracko Floating Disc Rotor 160mm Bolt Type


PHP 1,350

Bracko Floating Disc Rotor 160mm Bolt Type

>Stainless braking band


>Efficient heat dissipation pattern design

ORIGINAL! Look for the LABEL = Japan Stainless Steel

Size: 160mm

We sell by pair only, 2700php for the Pair

Benefits of Floating Rotors:

1. Heat transfer is low. Keeps rotors from warping. 

- Floating rotors are designed to reduce the tendency towards thermal stress induced distortion due to uneven thermal expansion under load.

2. Protects the bearings of your hubs

- Transfer of Force from braking is first directed to the floating technology (bolts), lessening the impact directed to the hubs, prolonging the life of the hub

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