Brake Shimano SLX 4 Piston Model 2020 M7100 Hydraulic Brakes ENDURO


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Brake Shimano SLX 4 Piston Model 2020 M7100 Hydraulic Brakes ENDURO


One of Shimano's most reliable and versatile brakes is also a forerunner in its class in the M7120 version. Due to the wide range of applications and the reliability, it is the first choice for many bikers.

Thanks to Servo Wave technology, the brake shines with fast response and a very good pressure point. The bleeding is very easy by means of one-way bleeding, but is usually only necessary when shortening the brake line. The new arrangement of the clamp on the handlebars some space, for example, for remote lever won. In addition, the rigidity could be increased significantly.

The ergonomically shaped levers can be optimally operated with one or two fingers and adjusted within reach without tools.

The SLX brake caliper is the solution to all brake problems. The 4-piston variant packs brute, but can be dosed very accurately in combination with the BL-M7100 brake lever. The construction is designed for fast heat dissipation. This can be further supported by the use of ICE-Tech brake pads with cooling fins. Thus, longer runs in the high mountains are a sure thing.

Thanks to the Postmount mount cultivation is extremely easy and maintenance is not rocket science with the already mentioned one-way-bleeding system.

Technical specifications:

intended use : All Mountain, Trail, Enduro
Material caliper: aluminum
Material brake lever: aluminum
Material housing: aluminum
Material fixing screws: steel
Piston: 4
Brake mounting: Postmount
Braking medium: mineral oil
Brake line: plastic
Brake Pad: Resin (organic)
Brake lever version: 1-finger
Handle width adjustment: yes, via adjusting wheels
Pressure point adjustment: no
Clamp: split
Cable length: 1700 mm
Color: dark gray black anodized

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